So, latley at MyKatieandRachel i've been been thinking LOTS about fruits, veggies, and a bunch of helthy stuff! SO.... we gonna make MyKatieandRachel go HEALTHY! Alota peeps have been commenting for us to have a TOTALY helthy blog!!!! (& BTW, It IS veggie week! Isn't it? Share the veggies far and wide!) Whitch means I gotta mittion. (Operation GO Healthy)!!! Eat ALOT of meat at least just have some fruits or veggies often there TOTALY awesome, and TOTALY good for you! And some have amazing coloring, for example an apple, Have you ever seen such a red, juicy food? Or banana so yellow as the sun! (Well at first intill they poorly rott and become uneadible)! BUT.... Us at MKatieandRachel like our fruits, and veggies fresh, and BRAND NEW! We gotta challenge for you. Think of the strangest fruit YOU KNOW, comment to us about it! And if your fruit, or veggie is extra healthy, it has a super weird name, or is TOTALY popular we may show it on our next blog! SO.... go HEALTHY searchin'! And enjoy MyKatieandRachel's VEGGIE week! It's the veggiest, and surtanly the healthiest! Don't you agree? Stay tuned threw the week for more stuff about healthy foods and drinks! WELL..... I gotta go eata myself a bright, red apple! YUM!!!!
-Rachel!!!!!!! :)