Hay everybody! 'Tis I, Rachel! Ya know your fave. web star on MyKatieandRachel (Aswell as Katie OFCOURSE....) But just yesterday, Well.... If you don't know Sadie (My puppy)! Likes to jump on my cat's back, and ride em' like horses! Like a magor piggy-back. SO... I found a way to distract her from the cats when she comes in the room (to try to bother the cats). I say ''Gonna Getcha!'' Then she starts runnin' away, and I start chasing her in slow-motion, cauze' i'm faster than her, and I want her to win, and so she run under the chair, and then I go into ANOTHER room, and peek out of the corner, and she comes and I say it again, and she starts running! Sometimes she does it 15 times, but sometimes.... When I am chasing her, she turns around, grows.... starts chasing, me, and she starts biting my foot! It hurts! So.... I jump up on my chair and say ''Na! Na! Na! Na! Na! Na!'' and I start laughing, and she growls, and starts trying to jump up on the chair, she can't. But when I come back down... She stars biting my foot again! I love Sadie, she is crazy-fun, and SUPER cute! Every day is like a BIG adventure!!! :) Write now Sadie is sleeping under the couch.... Just say ''Awwww!'', Often she sticks her little nose out! Well.... I gotta do MORE stuff on the webernet with Katie!
Well.... Gotta go!
L8r, chow!
- Rachel!!!!!!!!