Hey peeps! I am SO HAPPY! Cauze' guess what? April 15th is my B-Day! (But one thing that totaly stinks about my #1 birthday is that it falls EXACTLY on the same day as crazy ol' Tax Day! Where everybody just has to pay their taxes! That was is MADDNING! You can understand, What I mean. Right? Your birthday probaly isn't Tax Day! Whitch is bad (cauze when I am older enjoying some birthday cake). A note will come: PAY YOUR TAXES! Wish I could just say Please tommorow, Today is my birthday! But that is a totaly long shot.... Now, I don't pay taxes, and that makes me fee; way better! But... soon, I WILL! On the one single day that I came into this world! Tax Day is weird, but my birthday is awesome! I LOVE being a B-Day Bash Girl! You may think Tax Day means well.... But it dosn't! I just am one of the TOTALY lucky ones! But... Who cares? My birthday was awesome! And my parents had to pay taxes! But... the only bright side, is.... I didn't! Sorry mom and dad! Well just to represent the ''Birthday Mood'' I updated some birthday-ish pics to my NEWLY Birthday Blog! Hope U enjoyed! Now.... don't wait up cauze we got all of the amazing photos right here! (Strawberry cakes, Birthday hates). We gotta em' all! Here is the PICS: (P.S. Hope U enjoy em')!
---- Rachel!!!