Hey everybody!
Halloween is over. How much Candy did you get? WELL....Halloween is over. So you don't have to beware of skeletons, and monsters, and ghosts, and goblins, and little gremlins brushing their teeth. You have to worry now about Turkeys, It is Thanksgiving coming up! I love ThanksGiving because I like food basically, I like Chicken Broccoli Casserole and CranBerry Sause!!! :) It's yummy (Big time). And so, ThanksGiving is awesome. Everybody has to know that. Did you we have a challenge for you: (It's called your Turkey Time): Here it is. Are ya ready?
We have big time Turkey! We want you to have paper, pencil, markers + Colored pencils, creative things and arty love (A love for art):
Here are the easy steps:
- Grap papers, (Tape or staple it together) to create a small book!
- For the cover draw something about ThanksGiving and lable it something fun
- Create a storie about ThanksGiving any storie you want. We will put it up on MyKatieandRachel!!!!
P.S. We have TG stories too!
Rachel!!!!!!!! :) :) :)