Hey fans of the ''my'' site,
Were back! Summer was long, we missed everyONE SO much. We missed writing blogs, talkin' about cheese (That is chedder). and just lyin' around be lazy. This is the only place to, SHOP FOR CARS! Jk, If shoppin' for viachles means, checkin' out silly pics, blogs, and PokeMon Status, Then it is, a place to shop for cars, Espetially red shiny ones. Well, welcome back anyway. BTW, something have changed, Here they are:
1. We only do either a Blog or Bonus Blog once, not twice, not three times, or four, or five, once, Ahh!
2. We will write blogs or bonus blogs either Thursday Or Friday (This is an expection).
3. We add comments on the weekend.
4. There are still contests, and you can comment to us!
5. We will open the PokeMon Page
Thanks for listning.
Your web gals,
Rachel and Poplife (Katie)