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More Comments! And guess what? Some other peep found the Easter Eggs! (If you havn't found all of them yet.... TRY!) - It is SUPER FUN!

Posted by Bla Bla on Saturday, April 24, 2010,
Hey peeps! 'Tis us Rachel, and Katie. Here brinin' you the best comments in the world! Here they are, BRAND NEW!!!


Pikaleena: (From what I hear! Sadie is really cute!) & (Happy Birthday Katie!)
Thanx Pikaleena! Katie is happy people are just going wild over her B-Day Bash! Who would not be? And Thanx about saying my puppy is really cute! That's sweet! :)

PokeMonMaster Girl: (Katie, you need to be a better editor!) & (I went to Rachels birthday, and it is was awesome!)
Thanks a bunch Poke...

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The Easter Egg Masacure Peeps! You Find Our Eggs, And Comment To Us! We Are Really Happy!

Posted by Bla Bla on Saturday, April 17, 2010,

Guess what? More people found OUR Easter Eggs! And commented to us to ANNOUNCE their founding of all of the EGGS! + The Golden Egg! Mmmmm.... Gold me up with the winning prize egg, and to cut in some people even found the Extra Easter Bunny!!!! :)

Book Worm:
(''I Found All Of The Easter Egg In The Easter Egg Masacure!'')
CONGRATULATIONS Book Worm! We are TOTALY happy you found all of the Easter Eggs! Have an amazing holiday!)

That was OUR comments!
Thanx, L8r, Chow!
From Rachel...

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New Comments! Awesome, Right? The Fans Keep Rakin' Em' In! Yay!

Posted by Bla Bla on Thursday, April 8, 2010,
Hey fans! We gonna show ya some awesome, cool, up-to-date comments from the FANS! Can't wait? K then! Here the comments come! Like a twister! Her we go:

Silver Wing:
(''Rachel's Puppy Is So Cute!!!! :) :)'')
(''Rachel looks good in a go-go-girl form'')
(''I Found All 20 Of The Easter Eggs In The Easter Egg Masacure! + I found the Golden Egg! Anybody who hasn't found all of em' yet, I hope you find them! Thanx - Silver Wing'') - EASTER EGG WINNER!
Thanks Silver Wing! P.S. - Your comments are SO coo...

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