The MyKatieandRachel ''final'' comment winner peeps updated NEW comments to us! SO, we thought..... Why not share it with our fave. fans? So, Here we go........

(1.) Silver Wing!!!!
(''Rachel looks good in pony tails!!!'')
P.S. - Hi, Rachel here! Thanx, that's a REALLY awesome comment! Congrats on being up for the ''finals'' Please send in MORE new comments to us!!! (You know us, we just can't stop reading em'!)

(2.) PokeMonMaster Girl!!!
(''I LOVE Mr. Chedder Cheese! Oh, Ya, Katie and Rachel love him to. I guess.'')
P.S. - Hey! This is Katie! Rachel and I LOVE Mr. Chedder Cheese! Who wouldn't? He's the cheesiest! Rock on CHEESE, and PokeMonMaster Girl! Good luck on the ''finals''!

Thanx for your comments! We LOVED em' to da bone baby!!!! :) SO, Send Us More!!!! We will update your comments write here on the MyComment page!!!
 - Katie + Rachel!!!!