Hey peeps! 'Tis us Rachel, and Katie. Here brinin' you the best comments in the world! Here they are, BRAND NEW!!!


Pikaleena: (From what I hear! Sadie is really cute!) & (Happy Birthday Katie!)
Thanx Pikaleena! Katie is happy people are just going wild over her B-Day Bash! Who would not be? And Thanx about saying my puppy is really cute! That's sweet! :)

PokeMonMaster Girl: (Katie, you need to be a better editor!) & (I went to Rachels birthday, and it is was awesome!)
Thanks a bunch PokeMonMaster Girl for the ''Rachel's Birthday Is Awesome,'' and BTW, Katie is an awesome editor! She is mad NOW!

Book Worm: (Happy Birthday Katie!) And (Rachel Birthday Was Awesome!)
Thanx Book Worm! Katie wishes you a happy birthday too! (When it is your birthday) and thanx for saying Rachel's birthday is awesome!!!! :)

Silver Wing: (Sadie is SO cute!)
Thankyou Silver Wing! I love to see the fans of Sadie! Sadie just loves people that loves her!

Oh... and someone found the Easter Egg!

PokeMonMaster Girl: (I found all of the Easter Eggs!)
Congratulations PokeMonMaster Girl!!!!

Thanx, L8r, Chow!
- K.T. + Rachel!