Hey fans! We gonna show ya some awesome, cool, up-to-date comments from the FANS! Can't wait? K then! Here the comments come! Like a twister! Her we go:

Silver Wing:
(''Rachel's Puppy Is So Cute!!!! :) :)'')
(''Rachel looks good in a go-go-girl form'')
(''I Found All 20 Of The Easter Eggs In The Easter Egg Masacure! + I found the Golden Egg! Anybody who hasn't found all of em' yet, I hope you find them! Thanx - Silver Wing'') - EASTER EGG WINNER!
Thanks Silver Wing! P.S. - Your comments are SO cool, and totaly awesome! Thanx for being a BIG commenter to the webernet! + Congrats on finding the Easter Eggs!

(''I am so happy for Rachel and her NEW puppy!'')

SO... Theres are comments! Hope U liked em'! Chow For Now! I'm a poet!
- Katie + Rachel