Hey peeps! It us, your fave. webernet stars, Katie, and Rachel! WHO ELSE WOULD IT BE!? Ya, Right? So.... NEW people added comments! Here we go:

Book Worm: (''This website is AWESOME! Hi people!'')
Thanx Book Worm! We LOVE your comments! (BTW there really cool, and amazing)!

PokeMonMaster Girl: (''I'm a formor winner!'')
Thanx PokeMonMaster Girl! Your comments are TOTALY cool, and funny!

Silver Wing: (''I LOVE MyKatieandRachel!'')
I know, everybody LOVES us! (BTW it's awesome to hear it)! We love your comments, thanx!

(OH, btw CONGRATS to our formor winners! PokeMonMaster Girl, and Silver Wing! P.S. - if you send us a pic! We will update your pics onto the webernet)!
- Rachel + Katie!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)