What up MyKatieandRachel fans? 'Cauze YOU peeps are driving us of-the-wall happy with your MORE, and MORE awesome comments! SO, What are you watin' for? Check em' out!!! P.S. - Congrats if your comments where used!!!! (For The Finals)!!!

(1.) Silver Wing!!!!
(''Rachel's puppy is SO cute!!!!!!!'')
P.S. - Hey, It's Rachel here! Thanx for your puppy comment! I'm so happy you think Sadie is cute! Well.... IT'S OBVIOS, Isn't it? She MUST BE adorible!
(2.) Pickaleena!!!!!!
(''Rachel's puppy is VERY neet! When I see it i'll give it at treat!!!!!'')
P.S. - Hey, I be Rachel!!!! Thanx, Sadie will aperciate your treat! (BTW LOVE the poetry! It just rings, Dosn't it? ''Rachel's puppys is VERY neet! When I see it i'll give it a treat! I admit, that's the BEST poetry I have ever randomly listened to on my computer!
(3.) PokeMonMaster Girl!!!!
(''There goes Rachel and Pickaleena doing their poetry!!!!'')
P.S. - Ya, it's me! Rachel! What? SO... PokeMonMasterGirl, you don't think I enjoy being poety once in a while? I do!!!! OBVIOSLEY! Sometimes I like to break out randomly and be the ''Poet Master''! Thanx for you comment! It was really cool, and I loved it! Your really funny!

These peeps are up for the ''MyKatieandRachel 3-tie-way month BEST comment winner! Rachel and I wish you the best of luck! Whitch is behond lucky-ness! Go! Go! Go! SMC (Send More Comments)!!!
Thanx again!!!
- Rachel and Katie!!!!!! :)