Here's a PQ! (Pop Quiz)! Just For You!!!! 'bout your fave. BONUS BLOGS! Here we go! (See how much you know your BB!)

A SNEAK PEEK About Rachel And......
(A.) Pear Apple Sause
(B.) Tamatoes
(C.) Cheese
(D.) Onion Rings

What was the #1 BONUS BLOG we ever did?
(A.) An Interview with the 80 year old dancing dood
(B.) An Interview With a Hobo
(C.) A SNEAK PEEK about Katie and Money
(D.) An Interview With Mr. Mario

What was our most reacent BB?
(A.) An Interview With Cupid (The Love Wizard)!
(B.) A SNEAK PEEK About Katie's Fish Life!
(C.) An Interview With The 80 Year Old Dancing Dood!
(D.) An Interview With A Hobo!

What is your fave. BB?
Know this one we can't answer this question!!!!! :)
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Sorry, we had to cut it short! Rachel and I have LOTS of plannin' to do for the future MyKatieandRachel!
1.C,2.D,3.A,4. Comment to us! Whitch ones your fave.!?
 :) L8R,
Rachel + Katie!
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