LOVES: Animals, Friends, Family!!!
HATES: Plain Onions!!!!!
PETS: Lassie, Kiki, Sammy, Jake, Lilly, Snowy, Phoebe!!!!
Craziest Thing EVER: Had A Fish-Funeral for Katie's fish Plastic Drowner
Websites: MyKatieandRachel, Mawio Come, Yola, Yahoo, Google, iCarly, iMoments!!!!
Icecreams: Icecream from Graeters!!!!
Where To Go: Beach Water Park
Fave. Color: Purple!!!!
Do's: Get iPod Touch!!!
Don't: NEVER let your sister pay you $1 to walk 2 miles!!!! (P.S. - That happened to me!!!!
Pets She Loves: Jima + Riley!!!!