Hay people of the world! Your best bud doggie here, Sadie!
So today I was thinking of Game Shows, I don't know why. Since I wached Brain Surge I couldn't get the drain out of the brain (my mind). SO...To be creative and fun it inspired me to create a Game Show that everyone can do on MyKatieandRachel! The Game Show is called. "MyHallow's GAMED" Don't ask me, Jima made it up. BTW (He is my cousin, He is a shiba inu) I will send you a photo of Jima, the next blog I do. But this blog is about da game show!
Ready and listen. Will pics of pumpkins, games, and puzzles, small quizzles answer the questions using your "inside" smarts and right them on a piece of paper. Remember then to comment them to us, If you are the first one, You will get your name presented on the site, You get to create your own blog, design anything you want, and tell us one NEW Bonus Blog to add and a pic gallery. You get a video that you added + a pic right on the homepage, + another surprise:
HERE IT IS: (Use paper for this and answer what they want from you)

 Divide them by 2  and add 12 and then take away 3 + 100 =

#2  On your paper draw your own pumpkin family!
Make it twice as large as this family. Color all the pumpkins purple.
After you color them purple, Draw funny faces for them

#3  Follow these directions: (After you are done with them right whitch one you thought was the weirdest direction:
1. Jumping-Jacks, 10 of them, outside, and then run back in
2. Sharpen a pencil
3. Go to sleep for 20 seconds (count in your head)
4. Take a bite of something
5. Don't take a bite of something
6. Sit still
7. Close your eyes, and count mangerine oranges
8. Say your ABC backwords
9. Do push ups, five of them
10. Turn the T.V. off and on

#4 Count every sunflower and tree in this photo, and write the number:

5. Write a paragraph of what you think Halloween IS. Is it a holiday where pumpkins come alive? Jack-O-Lanterns walk on the beach, Whitches roam Mars, Make it creative and funny!

Draw a pumpkin that looks just like this:

7. List ten of your favorite Halloween Candys

8. Make up a Halloween Poem, Make it creative!!
It has to included these things:
- Pumpkin
- Candy Corn
- Rachel
- Katie
- Mr. Chedder Cheese
- Plastic Drowner
- Me, (Sadie)
- Another Random Bonus Blog Character Of Your Choice

9. Stare at this for 1:00 and write YUM! When your done:

10: Draw a Candy Corn and Oreo running in the park!

- Sadie *
P.S. Good Luck!