Hay everybody, Sadie here.
Well, this is my Fourth Of July blog, Enjoy!! So, I wanted to take this oppertunity to tell you about my Fourth Of July. It
would have been fun if a few of these things were done on Fourth Of July:
  • Don't have beaming fireworks going on (It is really erratating!)
  • Even if there were fireworks, I was in the house, and couldn't even see the fireworks! (If I could open the window, I would, but I don't quite know how to do the blinds yet!)
  • A bunch of dogs are barking, Well, I know I bark. But, when I bark I like to just here myself, and not a bunch of other dogs!
  • I had treats and food to occupy me when the fireworks were going on (I mean if the blinds won't obay me, and I can;t even see the fireworks, I should have atleast have some food to eat!
  • Fireworks go on too long

 Well, maybe next year the fireworks will be more my way, Why do they call them fireworks? There is not even fire, and how can fire work?
Well, Tell us how your Fourth Of July went! Just E-Mail us about it!
We will add our favorites!!!
Happy Fourth Of July,