Hello everybody,
Sadie here!!!!! And guess what, I saw Rachel Kissing Santa Claus. First of all you have to know that Rachel walked Titanic. The WORST MISTAKE EVER! Titanic is Rachel's favorite movie in the universe, She wacheds it 4 times a day, and she is obsessed with Leonardo Dicpario, If you ever seen it it the best movie of all time. (Rachel just said that in my @) Leonardo Dicpario plays Jack, It's a love story. Well, she found out at the Mall. Leonardo Dicpario was going to be helping save countrys by volenteering as a part-time Santa Claus. She went on the web, and looked up the times and stood in line for an HOUR. When it came up to when she got to sit on his lap she asked for his auto-graph, he gave it to her, she jumped up on his lap. and stared at him for five minutes. Finally when he asked her. "What do you want?" She said "You!" And kissed Leo Dicpario Santa Claus. SO MANY PEOPLE SAW IT! She said it was the best second of her life at a mall or anywhere else public, after she kissed him she ran out of the mall and wached Titanic again. WOW! I saw Rachel kissing Santa Claus. You will never hear that sentance again. Enless Leonardo Dicaprio volunteers as Santa Claus again!!! :)
- Sadie Bow Wow