Sadie here.
Hi people it's Sadie, and I am here with YOU. Happy. Right? Well, You should be. MyKatieandRachel has a COUNT DOWN until Halloween. I can't wait! I am going to be a Candy Corn Whitch for Halloween, I may. I hope that isn't itchy, Personally, I want to be a cucumber. I LOVE Pumpkin Patches!!!! Do you? Those big fields they grow Pumpkins on, You get to do Corn Mazes, and take Hay Rides. I wish I could go, But I am afraid of getting stuck in the corn maze. EWWWWWWW...Scary!? But wouldn't I, Rachel's clumzy and I where would that leave me and Katie. JK, Rachel's not clumsy, But still I am scared. Well, I am thinking of Candy Corn right NOW!
I love Candy Corn. I should make Rachel give me some Candy Corn.
Just so you know, Pumpkin Patches are AWESOME!!! :) :) :)
Your webbo dog,
SADIE!!!! :) P.S. Send in some pics of YOU at a Halloween Pumpkin Patch!