Sadie in.
Hey people, Do you like Pumpkin Patches? They are one of my favorite things to go threw on Halloween. In pumpkkin patches, I love to go threw Corn Mazes. But I admit I am kinda scared of them. Imagine this picture: Rachel, Katie, and I all in a Pumpkin Patch. And clumsy Rachel leading the way. Where would me and Katie be at the end of teh Corn Maze? Probaly trapepd in some corn. JK, Rachel's nto clumsy. We actually have a lot of fun. I just like to eat the corn along teh way, But who dosn't? Probaly everyone that is reading my blog. Well, I hope you have gone threw a Pumpkin Patch on Halloween. because they are one of the fun things to do on Halloween (One time I got lost in the Corn Maze) Well, Have a Happy Halloween! I gotta go, It is my food time!!!
Well, Talk to you later in my very next blog!!!!
Your favorite webby Dog,
Sadie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
P.S. Get lots of Candy.
And bring these things on your Corn Maze Trip:
- Patients
- No Temper
- An appetite to eat corn
- And an Apple
What, They are good. If you run into me. Give it to me please!!!!!!!!!!!