Jake's mommy was Baby! And when baby had baby's (WEIRD sentance, Huh?) She ran under the dresser.... We pulled the dresser out.... She ran under the bed...we pulled the bed out... Then she was ready to have her litter of cute, little felines! Jake was firsted! Strangley.... he was trapped in a LARGE bubble, so my dad had to take scissors and POP the bubble! Not a sentance ya here every day? Then came his sister, Tabbie (Tabitha, If you want to be formal!?) She was black + White (More black than white...) Then third, Callie. She was a Calico, I call her Callie-Co! hahahah! Then.... Ava, she was Black + White, (More white than black...) So thats the litter. Say ''Awwww...'' a bunch of cute babys! We put them in a draw to sleep, then they grew. Callie stood on me, Ava licked my ear! STRANGE? But CUTE! And Tabbie an Jake looked at me! We gave Callie, Tabbie, and Ava away! :( We didn't have enough room for four kittys!