SO... Lassie, was bought 14 years ago, she was a sable, blond, sweet, cute puppy! We got Lassie from a personal breeder... When we got her we LOVED her SO much.... My mom, and dad! Took her home she was really shy, and timid! My sister, and I loved her SO much... She was fun, talented, smart, and Potty Trained in about 2 days! Then she GREW...and GREW... to 11, or 12 when she started developing problems, when she was 12, to 13, she started getting serious with her Fatty Pockets, and other problems... When she was 14, she devoleped a blood clot, whitch left her paralized (In her legs...) She died Febuary 17th, 2010, she is awesome, beatufal, and REALLY smart! She hasm't pottied in the house ONCE... and she knows a BUNCH of awesome tricks! Well... That's Lassie! :)