Jake's friend, Lilly is TOTALY been coned! Know what that means? She got spayed.... and she didn't where a cone... AT FIRST! Then she kept biting her wound, and it became all YUCKY, BLUCKY and infected! You may say... EW... Why'de ya tell us that? Our webby site is surprising we like to gross people out! But... Then came a fate worse than death: A cone for poor Lilly! :( Now, she walks 'round with a big cone on her head, today she got an O.K. from the doctor, and she dsn't have to where that cone anymore! Lilly HATES being coned! It's not the best thing... It's ANNOYING, you can't clean yourself, or lick people, or jump, run, play, have fun! :( Being coned stinks... But, the bright side! Now she cone-less for sure! Feel happy for her! :)