Katie's pets are:
Katie has a labador dog (5) Named Daisy, she is sweet, cute, and awesome! She also has 2 frogs! :) One is a boy named Pat, and a girl named, Lilly! Get it? Lilly pad! But they are super fun to watch + she has the cutest two baby Hermit Crabs, Shy Guy, and Hermy! They are incredibley awesome. You know tthat feeling where just wanna cuddle with em'! O.M.G. They are totaly CUTE!! + She has a bunch of fish! Her first fish was a Goldfish from the Carnival, but he died. :( Then she bought herself a Cat Fish! 5 Guppies! Three Glo-Fish! Two golden bottom feeders! But sadley, only 2 of her guppies survived but happily, they had a batch of Guppies Babies! (4 or 5)! Cat Fish, is still alive, (His name is Cat Fish... A Cat Fish... Is a Cat Fish. Right?) Her two Golden Bottom Feeders died (Their names were Plastic Drowner, and Cave Boy. Unushel names! But who cares? I think their awesome!) And all three Glo-Fish died, One may still be alive! And so all is well.... Gotta go! l8r,
- Katie + Rachel!!! :)