Here Is Our First Thought Pot:

red will be the narrator (me)... one day rachel and katie walked down a sidewalk... ladida (teehee) ...lets DO something...said katie, but rachel was staring at a 1,000,000 dollar bed...she HAD to buy it...for her dog, sadie (OMG!!!) . just then cassidy (ahh!!! its cassidy!!!) came along and said, HI...,  HI said katie... mykatieandrachel needs and editor badly said cassidy..( and just so you know, these names are not real...) no it does not said rachel who had just woken from her daze. YES it    does says cassidy. (did you notice that it just switched from past tense to present tense?) NO, YES NO YES ..... i will beat u up if u keep on saying that..said cassidy...oh no says rachel and she ran. she ran down the streets until she reached the..( um may i ask what katie is doing right now?) AHEM... until she reached the miss cotton candy shop, operated by miss cotton candy HERSELF!!! (WHAT??!!) yum says cassidy and she plucked some cotton candy from miss cotton candy. OH NO!! said miss cotton candy and she fainted. (that was weird) AND THEN mr cheddar cheese came to the rescue (yum) ms cotton candy stood up but unfortunatly she couldnt because she had no legs  (.....) OH and NOW comes katie ... with her new puppy ? I LOVE COCONUT CREAM PIE!!!!  screamed rachel
the end


Thankyou Cocunut Cream Pie!!

Please more Thought Pot!

- Rachel and Katie!!  :)