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Story Name: Magic Girls
Chapter One: The Magic Words
(ps. dedicated to rachel and katie, of MyKatieandRachel)

''Hi Katie!'' Rachel spoke, when she sprouted from the forest. Rachel and Katie were cousins, and best friends. They lived in a buetifal forest, in West Virginia.
''Hey Rachel!'' Katie spoke.
''What's that?'' Katie asked.
''Don't know, looks like a Log Cabin.''
Katie pauzed for a moment, and leaped to go see a closer view of the Log Cabin.
''What are you doing?'' Rachel asked.
''I'm just getting a closer look! This cabin is so pretty!'' Katie said.
''Ya, I know. Right?'' said Rachel.
''I guess it wouldn't be hurting anybody to get a closer view,'' Rachel spoke.
''Course not, it's just a closer view.''
''But, If someone lives there?'' Rachel spoke.
''So.. What?'' Katie said.
''What if the person is mean, hates little kids, and dosn't like anybody on his or her property!'' Rachel said.
''That would NEVER happen! Don't be silly. If someone lived here, they would super nice.''
''How do you know?'' Rachel asked.
''Cauze I know, Come on!'' Katie erged Rachel.
''Your right. Guess it O.K.''
''Wow! Do you think we could go in, looks like nobody lives here!'' Katie spoke.
''No! We can't! Who knows what or who is in there!'' Rachel yelled.
''I'm gonna take a quick peek. That won't hurt anything!'' Katie said.
''Yes it will!''
Katie opened the door, and took a peek inside.
''Wow!'' She spoke.
''What? Is something wrong?''
''No! Come on in.'' Katie said.
Rachel followed and entered a buetifal room, with pastal, colors, and wooden floor, with a percian rug!
''Oh, My gosh!'' Katie spoke. ''This is behond cool!''
''What is that bright light over their? It looks like a rainbow!'' Katie spoke.
''Wait....'' Rachel spoke.
Katie opened the door, and crept into a rainbow surphace, the walls gleamed with gold, in the center, there was a big mirror. Katie went up to the mirror.
''This is just like a magical place!'' Katie said.
''I wish we could go over the rainbow!'' Katie spoke.
There were pink unicorns, that filled the sky. A twister started blowing. Then everything was silent.
''Whats going on?'' Katie asked.
''I don't know! I told you not to go into this room, I knew we would get ourselves in to trouble!''
Katie looked out the window.
''Rachel, Come look!''
''What is it?'' Rachel spoke.
''Just look!''
''Oh My Gosh!'' Rachel said.