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Thought Pot for the week:

Sharpi Taste -
I made a Magicle Book:
The Butterfly Book

How To Get Your Wicca Powers

Two children that have grace and sweets;
Someone you are yet to meet.
Chosen here threw all the land,
To make magic happen. To make it grand.
Queens they are, and queens they will be.
Making enchantment, You will see.
We together, Hope and pray.
Butterfly Queens will be here today.
To get there powers,
and make,
A world where good magic awakes.


Zooka is an evil, and angry vampire. He is the most powerfull blood-sucking demon in the world. They call him ''The King Of Vampires.'' He was first discovered in Egypt and was born, and raised to be evil, He now is around the world killing the good, and the good spirited. He destroys all good magic, and can easily trap someone, and puts up a good fight for ''black magic''.

The Finger Of Magic
The only way to vanquish Zooka is to do ''five bravery courages'' If you do them, say a vanquish spell, and find a rock in Ancient Egypt with a Z Birth Symbol you can vanquish him forever.
Five Bravery Courages:
You are in a fire in a tower, Get 10 people out in 5 minutes
Save someone from jumping off a tower, Even if they are stronger than you
Gain 30 stranger friends to smile at you in one hour
Jump in an ocien to save a person when you have a cut that sharks can sence
Try to save 20 friends from a water explotion, Take them to saftey and rescue 15 more people
Say This Spell:
Evil is and evil will be,
No stardom, No victory
It blows a tantrum, makes a look
Evil is a stolen took
It comes and gains what it needs,
Bring no peace, no stability
No interests, no love, no care and more
Make me want to sour, sour, sour!

A Malock is a higher-level demon that jumps into your mind, brain, and peace spots to make and convince you to give up your powers, turn evil, and then after makes yopu freeze and drops you into a boiling tuntle, Takes your powers, grows stronger. He is almost inpossible to fight, or stop.

Quest To Peace
Mind, and peace, and place to be;
Where no one can just stop to see.
If you rely on it today,
Makes you want to stop and say.
Never come, and leave my sight
Don't come by, or take a flight
Stay with me, To vanquish thee;
a bring a curse no man can see

Cherry Blossom:
''It sounds like a soft humming sound.'' Katie spoke. ''What could it be?''
''It have NO clue!'' Rachel spoke.
''Me neither!'' Katie said.
Katie yauned. Rachel yauned too.
''I am getting really sleepy! Maybe we should lie down!''
''We can't! We have to... SLEEP!'' Rachel spoke.
''I am so tired!''
''I am MORE tired than you!'' Katie spoke.
''Wait...'' Rachel got up.
Katie was sleeping.
''Katie, Wake up!'' Rachel yelled.
''What is it?'' Katie asked sleepily.
''This song is a spell! It makes us tired we have to get away from it.'' Rachel said.
''Why?'' Katie asked. ''It's peacful.''
''Your still half asleep! You have to get up completley!'' Rachel yelled.
''O.K. I'm up!'' Katie said.
''Let's run!'' Rachel spoke.
''Got it!'' Katie spoke.
The sound followed the girls, they didn't know what to do, the more they heard it the more exhausted they become, and valrenable. But Rachel, and Katie... kept on going. It was a hard task, but an accomplishable one. They tried to look for their cabin, but it was hidden. Know where in sight!
''We have to find it!'' Rachel screamed.
''We do! We can't sleep!'' Katie spoke. ''Just like me... It dragged me into the spell. Why not you?''
''I had a feeling, something bad was going to happen! I tried to keepy my bearings, and stay awake.''
''I am glad! Or we would be dead meat!''
''I don't hear the sound anymore,''
''Me neighter!'' Rachel said.
''Were freed!'' Katie yelled.
''Shhh.... Some one may here!''
''Hello. Who are you?'' Someone spoke.