Hay people,
Rachel and Katie here to you. We have a great dish of Thought Pot this week.

Thought Pot for the week of October 15th:

Our New Member, Now & Later:

The Last One of the Aliens
The day of the alien aroma is in 22 days louise said to robbie then she told rochele
I Will Finish The Next Time Im On

Cherry Blossom:

Chapter Two: The Dancing Daisies

''There is a big rainbow outside!'' Katie said.
''Ya, I know. I see it too!'' Rachel said.
''Are we dreaming?'' Katie asked.
''Maybe, Maybe not.'' Rachel said. ''What should we do? How did we get here? How do we get back?''
''We should go outside, and aventure, I said 'I wish we could go over the rainbow!' and I don't know how to get back.''
Katie crept out of the window.
''What are you doing?'' Rachel asked.
''Going out! Taking the chance of adventure! You coming?'' Katie asked.
''Sure! We miswell enjoy ourselves while were here.''
''You bet!''
''This looks accidently like a garden of rainbow!''
''Ya, see. Maybe we can concentrate more, when we get our cheers up. It's not a scary place. Right?'' Katie instisted.
''Ya. Your right!''
Katie, and Rachel walked along, a road carved with the colors, of pasty rainbows, there were clouds, and stars, and rainbows, in the sky. It was filled with joy, and laughter, and fun! Katie, and Rachel peered around. It was silent, all you could here was the tweeting of blue birds, and a buetifal song, that lifted the daisys into a dance, and the spirts, even higher.
''I could stay here all of my life!'' Katie spoke.
''Me too! Theres no place like paradice.''
''Ya, your right.''
''I think we came here for a reason!'' Katie spoke.
''What reason?'' Rachel said. ''We weren't meant to be here. We just our!''
''I don't think that!'' Katie spoke.
You will find out the rest next week..
Cherry Blossom

Our New Member, Sharpi Taste:

I made a poem for MyKatieandRachel, Here it is:
(It is in the toon of Old Mcdonald's Had A Farm).
Here it is:

MyKatieandRachel is so sweet. There are many blogs.
Pictures of her pets, Wish they'de add some frogs.
With an oink oink here. And a croak croak there.
Here thought here a pot, Everywhere a thought pot!
There are many things to do, Voting, quizzes, pics,
comments, and some trivias, user-pics to a mix!
With a bonus here and a blog here, Everywhere a Bonus Blog!
I love MyKatieandRachel. It is AWESOME!
- Sharpi Taste

Thankyou Thought-Potters:
Rachel and Katie