Hi everybody. Here is out Thought Pot For The Week:

Coconut Cream Pie -

  Once upon a time, there was a girl. she was named rachel. she had a pet cheese, and a pet cottton candy. They are moldy and green. The dog named sadie is her sister. Her older sister.It is scary how they were both born from the same mother. Very scary. Sadie had a friend named lexin. She was crazy. She had a dog named Sammy. It was an American eskimo. Sammy was much more beautiful then Sadie and Rachel. Much more.So much more, that she was On a website. This is the link to her picture.
http://www.breederretriever.com/photopost/data/686/medium/american_eskimo_dog.jpgsee? isnt she much more beautiful then sadie? This is Sadie : http://img257.imageshack.us/img257/8115/imag2128kb1.jpg
I dont even need to mention rachel. who am I ?  I have got no idea.Ok so then Emily McCormick struts in. Of course she is a poodle. a minuature poodle. you know the type, the yappy kind that thinks that they are in charge of the world. that type. with fluffy haed fur and weird bobs on their legs. i shall provide a picture for you.
http://thepoodleanddogblog.typepad.com/.a/6a00d83451580669e201116884ad87970c-320wiYes excatly that. oh my. well emily got kidnapped. not kid  napped. she did not nap with a kid. that would be frightning. well she got kidnapped by Harry and Ron. From Harry Potter. Yay!!!Thank you Harry and Ron!Hopefully Voldemort will take care of her, or she will eat herminoe's cat, and herminoe will kill her. Wonderful! Now that that is out of the way, katiecomes in. Thankfully, she is human. so is lexin. Katie eats rachel's pet cheese.          

    "nNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" screams rachel.  Not in fear that Katie will die (which she will) from the moldy cheese, but for her moldy cheese that will die! Yay!
katie chokes, then drags herself to Robert Marshall and pukes on him. Yay! But sadly Robert's mouth fell out. Oh well. Sammy has followed Lexin to Rachel's house where rachel is. There Sammy meets Jake.  Yay!
They are frolicing in the dirt right now! But then Sammy walks up. He hisses at Jake. Sammy barks at him. Jake somehow loses his tail and is very sad.Sammy trots up and sniffs Sammy's Butt. They frolic in meadows of sunshine and daisys. But sadly they trample all the daisys. Then It ruins Lexin and Rachel, and Katie's Cherry Coconut banana coke eating contest. Reminder, It = Cassidy. It loves spagetti. so to lure it away, the girls cook up spegetti and leave a trail to the most dangerous monsters of all. BUNNIES! dundundun!! since it was a carrot, the bunnies devoured it quickly. Yay!!
    Anna, Christina, Abby, Cassidy, Emily Mcckormic (i thought she was kidnapped?) , Emily Smith, Bella, Lexin,Rachel, and Katie all go to a Justin Beiber concert. Did i spell Bieber wrong? Oh well, i dont care.  All of a sudden, Cassidy, Christina, Anna, and Bella all jump onto the stage and try to eat Justin.  Emily Smith threw a watermelon at them.  it hit Justin smack in the face and broke his nose. Yay!! His nose fell off and Emily McCormick, Christina and Abby try to eat it. Emily ended up getting the nose, Christina polishing Justin's shoe with a banana peel, and Abby married Richard Thomas. Yay!! ok so back to Justin Bieber and Cassidy and those people. Lexin is eating icecream cake. Yum!! Katie eats the watermelon. Cassidy, and Bella marry Justin, and Anna marries Katy Perry. Christina eats Rachel's fish, Phoebe.  While Lexin and Katie are getting fat, Rachel is chasing Richard Thomas.
     "Noooo, marry me Richarddd!!!" shrieks Rachel.
     "Never! I hate you!" says Richard.
      "well You can earn my trust by poisoning Sadie. Which will you choose? Me or Sadie?" asks Richard.
Rachel thinks about it.  She is not sure. She gets kidnapped by Harry and Ron, and so she meets Emily McCormick, the annoying dog. It turns out that Emily is Voldemort's hat. Rachel becomes a hair on Voldemort's head. (since when did Voldemort have hair?)  Lexin and Katie are now so fat, that they are equal to the size of a pencil. Justin Bieber abandons Cassidy, and almost drowns Bella. Bella ALMOST died that day. That day was January 29. (why was she in a pool in January?)
The reason why was that Bella ate all of Justin's ipods. So he got really mad. He has, ahem HAD 83 i pods.  The reason why Justin abandoned Cassidy was because he found love notes to Anna from her.  Meanwhile, Anna is in Katy Perry's limo eating to her heart's content.  Little did she know that she was being fattened to feed to Katy's pet Iguana. I think everybody is happy. here is the list.

Anna + Katy Perry
Abby + Richard Thomas
Cassidy, Bella + Justin Beiber (divorced)
Emily M. - kidnapped by Harry and Ron. Voldemort's hat
Rachel  - kidnapped by Harry and Ron. Voldemort's hair
Lexin  - fat as a pencil
Katie - fat as a pencil
Emily S. - in jail for breaking Justin's nose.
It - devoured by bunnies.
Christina - Killed by Rachel

THE END (there may be a sequel)

♥♥♥ Coconut Cream Pie ♥♥♥

Cherry Blossom -

Chapter Three: Better Than A Jacket, And Badder Than A Bruise

''What's wrong? Oh my gosh!'' Katie screamed.
''Something has a hold of my leg!'' Rachel said. ''What is it?''
''The dancing daisys! The must be some of those flowers, I heard about.''
''Ahhh! What flowers?''
''They grab you, and keep you locked in their flower petals.''
''What are you doing?'' Rachel asked. ''That's not going to help the situation.''
Katie started hitting the plant with her jacket, the plant, let go of Rachel, an dropped her on the ground with a big boom! Then turned to Katie's side, and grabbed the coat from her, and picked her up, by there flower pedals. Katie started screaming. They hid her locked and closed in in their peddles. Katie started yelling for help! Think Think! Rachel said to her self, I have to do something to let them go of Katie. This place was magical, maybe a magical, poem or riddle could get them out of this mess! Rachel was desperate, she had to trie something, and so she thought fast.
''Dancing Daisys release my friend, if you don't you will meat your end. We are strong, and as a pair, we make strong powers, and use them there!''
The dancing daisys sighed, and diappeared into thin air. Katie was dropped, and screamed and fell to the ground. Rachel help her up.
''Close one!'' Rachel spoke. ''Are you O.K.?''
''I'm fine! But... how did you know a poem, or ryhme would get me out?''
''This is a magical place! I thought telling it somehing, wouldn't work. Or hitting it with my jacket, would be un-useless! But magical places, have different stuff! Like a poem, or ryhme!'' Rachel spoke.
''Or a spell!'' Katie spoke. ''That was really brave! I couldn't have done it!''
''You could, you have a lot of courage in you!'' Rachel spoke.
''Thanks.'' Katie said. ''To bad I don't have a jacket!''
''Jaket? There it is!''
''Wow! Thanks!'' Katie spoke. ''I thought I had lost it for good!''
''I thought I had lost you for good. You need to be more care full!'' Rachel spoke!
''I will! I will!''
''This is a magical land! With magical things!''
''Your right!'' Katie said. ''It's not a patatoe farm!''
''Whats that sound?'' Katie spoke.
''I don't know!'' Rachel said. ''But I would run back to the cabin!

Sharpi Taste -

It was allergic to Bertha.
I lived in Cansas.
I rode a pony.
I ate a Cucumber Sandwidge
I said ew.
I ate MORE cucumber.
I ran.
I stopped.
I looked at the time.
I was bored.
I became president.
I ate green apples.
I don't like green apples.
I ate red apples.
I don't like apples.
I didn't anything.
I sat there.
I starved.
I ate some more apples.
I didn't eat apples.
I fell asleep.
I woke up.
I ate apples.
I ate some more apples.
I ate even more apples.
I don't like apples.
I did nothing.

GOODBYE! Sharpi Taste!!!

Thankyou everyone!
- Rachel & Katie