Questions Below!!!!

What is MyKatieandRachel?
A funny, awesome, amazing, super-cool, very terrific website starring Katie and Rachel!!!! Where you can vote, comment, ask questions, read our blogs, check our pics, listen to our music, watch our videos and learn info about us!!!!!

What breed is Katie's dog?
Labador Retreiver!!!

What's Katie's dog's name?

What other animals does Katie have?
2 guppies, 1 cat fish, a litter of baby guppies, 2 hermit crabs and 2 frogs!!!

What are Katie's hermit drabs named?
Shy Guy and Hermy!!

What are the name of Katie's two frogs?
Lilly and Pat!!!!

What is the name of Katie's catfish?
Cat Fish!!
How many pets does Rachel have?
1 dog, 5 cats and 1 fish!

What is the breed of Rachel's dog?
Shetland Sheepdog

What is the name of Rachel's dog?

What are the names of Rachel's 5 cats?
Kiki, Sammy, Jake, Snowy, and Lilly!!

What is the name of Rachel's goldfish?

Whats Katie's  favorite T.V. show?

What is Katie favorite food?
Plain Hamburger, with french fries and a chocolite milk from Mcdonalds or Popcorn Chicken from Kentucky Fried Chicken!!!

What vegetable does Katie hate?
Green Beans!!!

What vegetable does Katie love?

Whats Rachel's fave. Nick T.V. show?
SpongeBob and iCarly!!!!

Whats Rachel's favorite food?
Homeade Cheeseburgers or (From The Grill) Cheesburgers with mayo

What melon is Rachel's favorite?
Either Kantalope or Water Melon

What song does Rachel LOVE?
Funky Town (By The Chipmunks!!!)

What D.S. game does Katie and Rachel love to play together?
The NEW Super Mario Brothers D.S. They do (Mario Vrs. Luigi!!!)

Who is normally Mario and who is normally Luigi?
Katie is normally Luigi, Rachel is normally Mario!!!

What is Katie's fave. color?

What's Rachel's fave. color?

What 3 places does Katie and Rachel LOVE to go?
King's  Island, Beach Water Park, (Historicle) Muesam!!!!!

What is Mini Magic?
A fun game Katie's dad made up!!!

What place did Rachel and Katie go once?
The YMCA!!!

Where did Rachel and Katie eat with Katie's softball team for a (end of the game) Softball party?
BFI Wings!!!!!

What sports are Katie in?
Softball, Basket Ball, Soccer, Girl Scouts, Piano and Bible Study!!!!

What day of the week does Katie go to Bible Study?

What does Katie have in her backyard?
A poo!!!!

What does Rachel LOVE to do in her backyard in the summer?
Jump on her trampoline!!!!!

I hope these questions help you learn a little more about MyKatieandRachel!!!!
-Rachel + Katie!!!!