Mr. Mario!

Yo peoples!!!! We got a challenge for ya'! Take this MyKatieandRachel BONUS BLOG! MyPop Quiz!

March 4, 2010
Here's a PQ! (Pop Quiz)! Just For You!!!! 'bout your fave. BONUS BLOGS! Here we go! (See how much you know your BB!)

A SNEAK PEEK About Rachel And......
(A.) Pear Apple Sause
(B.) Tamatoes
(C.) Cheese
(D.) Onion Rings

What was the #1 BONUS BLOG we ever did?
(A.) An Interview with the 80 year old dancing dood
(B.) An Interview With a Hobo
(C.) A SNEAK PEEK about Katie and Money
(D.) An Interview With Mr. Mario

What was our most reacent BB?
(A.) An Interview With Cupid (The Love Wizard)!
(B.) A SNEAK PEEK About Katie's Fish Life!
(C.) An Interview With The 80 Year Old Dancing Dood!
(D.) An Interview With A Hobo!

What is your fave. BB?
Know this one we can't answer this question!!!!! :)
So go to MyComment and comment!!!!!

Sorry, we had to cut it short! Rachel and I have LOTS of plannin' to do for the future MyKatieandRachel!
1.C,2.D,3.A,4. Comment to us! Whitch ones your fave.!?
 :) L8R,
Rachel + Katie!
P.S. - Like this page!? .... We know you do!!!!

Hey peeps! We wantcha to VOTE! Ya, vote! Like Mr. Chedder Cheese? Mr. Money Spender? Or Katie's Fish Life better? You vote!!!

March 4, 2010
Hey peoples!!! This be Rachel and Katie! (Ya know..... MyKatieandRachel) You know! SO, here's a BIG challenge for you peeps! Well.... Not really! Out of these three Bonus Blogs! Mr. Chedder Cheese, Mr. Money Spender, Or Katie's Fish Life! Whitch one do YOU like the best? We wanna know! So, go to MyComment! And vote if we like your vote well enough we may name it VBVote! (Very Best Vote) So.... STOP READIN' THIS! Go, and do what? ........ Vote!!!!!
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Search For Clips!!!!


Love Bonus Blogs?

We know.....

If you don't,

resure your answer by asking






The Month




An Interview With the 80 year old dancin' dood!!!!





SO.... Some stuff

goin' on you should

TOTALY know! So

heres the deel! 

The contest for the

''Best Bonus Blog'' is comin' up!

(Contest 'tween Mr. Money Spender, Mr Chedder Cheese,

and Katie's Fish Life!

 And you (our fans)

gotta vote for your fave BONUS

BLOG Star!

Check out our clips and vote at MyComment!!!!



            Mr. Chedder




It's YOUR fave! Mr. Chedder Cheese! And he's dishing up a big plate full of fun and excitment for you AWESOME fans out there!

 Peace! This be your fave chedder-sh item! Am I right? Mr. Chedder Chesse it be! He whispers to you fans out there! ''Why are you reading this, and not eating a peice of bacon!''


Mr. Chedder Cheese is on MyKatieandRachel! He's reading his own BONUS BLOG! He's happy to know it was such a rock on!


Mr. Money Spender!!!!


Bowl' Em' Up Mr. Money Spender! He is a feirce bowler! Look at his tooth out thats pure concentration!

Mr. Money Spender sais ''I can totaly do this! I'm not a sour puss wack out! Lay em' all to me''! Turns out Mr. Money Spencer is a WACK OUT!

My teeth our so INSANlEY shiny! To bad it's just the sun's aim-done! OH..... That's not good! :( ''Please Vote for ME, ME, and ME!


Katie's Fish Life!!!

This is a Cat Fish, his name is Cat Fish. Strange? We know. He was SO sad when his BFB, Cave Boy died. :(

These are Glo-Fish! In 'couple of weeks Rachel's NEXT BONUS BLOG, will be Rachel's ''Tips For Glo-Fish''! They're TOTALY un-hardy fish! Keep tuned! If these fish could talk they would scream ''Vote For Us''! And Misty (pink) would probaly swim dance around!

This is a BOY, (NOT A GIRL) Guppie! Katie had five guppies (BTW they had babies, Awwww!



(BTW go


NOW to




And Vote


On Your




Whitch ever


one you


pick will


have a BB




  Code: M Hint: Trampoline storys LOVE colorful Easter Eggs!



MyFavorite Clips!!!

It's time to take it down for..... MyFavorite Clips! Wanna see the 80 year old dancing doods? Mr. Chedder Cheese? BIG Cold Hard Cash, refered to Mr. Money Spender! + Meet up again with Cupid? Katie's fish tank? The rood Mr. Mario? And remember that CRANKY magical gypsie? They're all back.... and you gotta see em'!


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