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October 15, 2010
Here are some comments from our fan:
(State this weeks comments are strange, But cool!)
WE LOVE EM'! Please keep sending um' in!

PokeMonMaster Girl:
First Comment: Get rid of the Easter Eggs, those were almost A YEAR AGO!
(Thankyou for your input)
Second Comment: Happy Halloween!!!
(Happy Halloween PokeMonMaster Girl. May your holiday be full of CANDY!)

Talk About Candy: We want some. We are going to eat some candy.
- Rachel and Katie!!! :)

We Have A New Member!

May 27, 2010
PANDA LOVER!! Welcome to MyKatieandRachel! To start off your first day as a New Member check out pages to ask questions, and research you answers, find information about us, check out photos, videos, and blogs, even send in your own pics and vids. Do you have a comment for us? 

''Yo peace! Panda!''
Thank you! I love Panda's 2, They are SO cute!

Welcome to the site, submit comments and try hard to win the August, September, and October Contest!! Win prizes, and have fun!
Favorite Color: Pi...

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More Comments! And guess what? Some other peep found the Easter Eggs! (If you havn't found all of them yet.... TRY!) - It is SUPER FUN!

April 24, 2010
Hey peeps! 'Tis us Rachel, and Katie. Here brinin' you the best comments in the world! Here they are, BRAND NEW!!!


Pikaleena: (From what I hear! Sadie is really cute!) & (Happy Birthday Katie!)
Thanx Pikaleena! Katie is happy people are just going wild over her B-Day Bash! Who would not be? And Thanx about saying my puppy is really cute! That's sweet! :)

PokeMonMaster Girl: (Katie, you need to be a better editor!) & (I went to Rachels birthday, and it is was awesome!)
Thanks a bunch Poke...

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The Easter Egg Masacure Peeps! You Find Our Eggs, And Comment To Us! We Are Really Happy!

April 17, 2010

Guess what? More people found OUR Easter Eggs! And commented to us to ANNOUNCE their founding of all of the EGGS! + The Golden Egg! Mmmmm.... Gold me up with the winning prize egg, and to cut in some people even found the Extra Easter Bunny!!!! :)

Book Worm:
(''I Found All Of The Easter Egg In The Easter Egg Masacure!'')
CONGRATULATIONS Book Worm! We are TOTALY happy you found all of the Easter Eggs! Have an amazing holiday!)

That was OUR comments!
Thanx, L8r, Chow!
From Rachel...

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New Comments! Awesome, Right? The Fans Keep Rakin' Em' In! Yay!

April 8, 2010
Hey fans! We gonna show ya some awesome, cool, up-to-date comments from the FANS! Can't wait? K then! Here the comments come! Like a twister! Her we go:

Silver Wing:
(''Rachel's Puppy Is So Cute!!!! :) :)'')
(''Rachel looks good in a go-go-girl form'')
(''I Found All 20 Of The Easter Eggs In The Easter Egg Masacure! + I found the Golden Egg! Anybody who hasn't found all of em' yet, I hope you find them! Thanx - Silver Wing'') - EASTER EGG WINNER!
Thanks Silver Wing! P.S. - Your comments are SO coo...

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The Winners Are PokeMonMaster Girl, and Silver Wing! P.S. - We have NEW comments!!! :)

March 17, 2010
Hey peeps! It us, your fave. webernet stars, Katie, and Rachel! WHO ELSE WOULD IT BE!? Ya, Right? So.... NEW people added comments! Here we go:

Book Worm: (''This website is AWESOME! Hi people!'')
Thanx Book Worm! We LOVE your comments! (BTW there really cool, and amazing)!

PokeMonMaster Girl: (''I'm a formor winner!'')
Thanx PokeMonMaster Girl! Your comments are TOTALY cool, and funny!

Silver Wing: (''I LOVE MyKatieandRachel!'')
I know, everybody LOVES us! (BTW it's awesome to hear it)! We love ...

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Katie Comments!!!! We Wantcha To Send Us Comment 'Bout Katie, Stuiped, Funny, Weird, and cool we want em' all!

March 8, 2010
People sent in comments to Katie!!!! (These peeps LOVE Katie, there BIG fans of her! She's VERY happy to know that. She may dance around when she reads these)! - That means she's happy!!!!

(1.) Pickaleena!!!!!
(''Katie's CRAZY, But I like her!'')
Thanx for you comment Pickaleena NEXT week Katie will add your comment to her blog, and say her comment about it!

(2.) PokeMonMaster Girl!!!!
(''Katie's awesome from all the gabbin' Rachel's said about her!'')
Thanx PokeMonMaster Girl (for your comment). N...

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Here's More Comments From You Guise! (You Neve Stop? Do you! You're AWESOME!)

March 3, 2010
The MyKatieandRachel ''final'' comment winner peeps updated NEW comments to us! SO, we thought..... Why not share it with our fave. fans? So, Here we go........

(1.) Silver Wing!!!!
(''Rachel looks good in pony tails!!!'')
P.S. - Hi, Rachel here! Thanx, that's a REALLY awesome comment! Congrats on being up for the ''finals'' Please send in MORE new comments to us!!! (You know us, we just can't stop reading em'!)

(2.) PokeMonMaster Girl!!!
(''I LOVE Mr. Chedder Cheese! Oh, Ya, Katie and Rachel love...

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You Send Us MORE Of Your Comments! And Your Runner Ups For The Best Comment Winner Ever! Excited?

March 2, 2010
What up MyKatieandRachel fans? 'Cauze YOU peeps are driving us of-the-wall happy with your MORE, and MORE awesome comments! SO, What are you watin' for? Check em' out!!! P.S. - Congrats if your comments where used!!!! (For The Finals)!!!

(1.) Silver Wing!!!!
(''Rachel's puppy is SO cute!!!!!!!'')
P.S. - Hey, It's Rachel here! Thanx for your puppy comment! I'm so happy you think Sadie is cute! Well.... IT'S OBVIOS, Isn't it? She MUST BE adorible!
(2.) Pickaleena!!!!!!
(''Rachel's puppy is VERY neet...

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We Have New Comments! They May Not Be Up For Emmy's, But There Up For 1rst Place In Best Comments!!!!

February 24, 2010
Hey!!!! We just got in some MORE new comments!!!!! SO.... we gonna add em' to da webernet! Check em' out! Seireclly we recammend you go there PRONTO!

PokeMonMaster Girl: ''It was awesome when she talked about it, but I think Rachel went a bit overboard with cheese!''

Amazing job PokeMonMaster Girl! Your going up for an emmy award! Just kidding! But..... you are going up for 1rst place as January, Febuary and March's three tie comment winner! (BTW: Every 3 months there is a BIG comment winner fo...

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