Katie's Blog: Why I Hate Trick-Or-Treating

October 26, 2011
Hay people! Katie here!
I have got my NEWLY posted ULTIMATE Katie-Style Halloween piece of blog here for y'all right now. So, I don't know what YOU are going to be for Halloween. (By The Way send US your Halloween Pics + Halloween Storys). The crazier, the better! But, this year I am taking a STRIKE from Halloween. Want to know why?
1. Trick-Or-Treaters get on my nerves! Silly people in weird cloth (or silk) come to YOUR houise and DEMAND Candy from YOU. (It's like just go out and by your own candy.)
2. When people dress as superman it gets on my nerves. (It's like your NOT superman. As muchas you would like to believe, we are sorry to say it's untrue. Capes are weird.)
3. I don't like tricks, but I like tricks.
BRIGHTSIDE: Candy Corn is amazing!!!
* Katie *

BONUS BLOG: We hate clowns now! Get the intake!

October 13, 2011
People who are on MyKatieandRachel!
We have a new Halloween Bonus Blog: It is called our really creepy interview with a clown!
* So turns out clowns are really weird. I mean, we knew before a person who wanted to walk around the circus with frizzy hair is sort of scary. But, this REALLY weird interview led us to believe otherwise. (Were scared!)
* Ok, so it started out pretty normal! A room, a clown, us, Sadie, and mustard. (We don't know why the clown brought mustard. He said it made him feel h...

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Katie's Blog: Look At The Gadget!

December 31, 2010
Hey people. I love Gadgets!!!!
Gadgets are so awesome. I  have to say, by far by favorite gadget is Poke The Penguin.
Do you want to poke an awesome, cute, totlay hilerous penguin RIGHT NOW. If so.... Here are you.
Click on this link, and scroll down and Poke A Penguin for free. No Tax. No Charge. Do it now!
Here is the link: (Poke it!) www.mykatieandrachel.yolasite.com/mygadgets
Be sure it to click. FAST! You don't want to miss out on it. Three reasons to cl...

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Bonus Blog: Santa Claus North Pole Note!

December 31, 2010
Hey everyone. Rachel and Kate here we have got a note from Santa Claus. Read it!!!!! Isn't it awesome?
Extremley awesome. Enjoy! - Rachel and Katie
Dear Rachel and Katie,
Merry Christmas. You asked me a few questions when you wrote this note so I will respond. You asked me why my reindeer Rudolph has a red nose. That  is a very easy answer: Because he is rudolph. He was born with it. Anyway, It's supposed to  light up the clouds at night time so they look red instead of bright yellow. Red is a g...

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Rachel Blog: GingerBread House Rules!

December 31, 2010
Hello Holiday People,
Christmas was here and went!! Can you believe it? What did you get for Christmas? I got a lot of awesome stuff for Christmas. But to talk about presents isn't the purpose of this blog. The purpose of this blog is tell you something awesome: I built a ginger bread house! Yes, I did!!! :)
I used a bunch of stuff on it. But I have some advice for you about building stuff. (Espetially GBH)
GingerBreadHouses!! = GBH
- Never, Ever, Ever Try to eat the sticky white vanilla spray th...

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Rachel's Blog: Vote Cupid, Vote Comet, Vote Blitzen?

December 6, 2010
Hi everyone,
Merry early Christmas!! Rachel here. You know Santa's reindeer, don't you? You know Dasher and Dancer and Prancer and Vixon, Comet and Cupid and Donner and Blitzen, Even Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer the most famed reindeer in all the world!!! Well we are having a reindeer competion this week. This is your job, Pick your favorite reindeer (We will probably have pics up) Pick cool reindeers, your favorite one. We will put a talley mark for you up on the Home Page, The winner will...

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Katie's Blog: Turkey Day!

November 24, 2010
This is Katie here. I just wanted to let you know, tomorrow is OH MY! Turkey Day already! I am so excited to stuff 'till I can't hold anymore!! But, before this comes along, I have to prep for it. I have to do a turkey eater, an event where I eat turkey for 5 minutes straight, barely breathing, and I have to practice eating pie for the Pie-Off. The Pie-Off is a national pie competetion where you eat pie, and the person that trained the most wins! (I wanna win!!) I also have a lot of training ...
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Bonus Blog: Turkey Quiz!

November 24, 2010
Hi everyone:
Here is a BB Turkey Quiz We Made You: (It is kind of like fun, creative Quiz!)

1. What is your favorite ThanksGiving Food?
* Write what it is on a seperate sheet of paper
* Draw a picture of it! (Be creative)
* Write why you enjoy it
Have a pacific reason?

2. Do you like ThanksGiving?
A. Yes
B. No, Ofcourse Not
C. I don't care, I am just in it for the turkey
D. Make me some icecrem

3. On a seperate piece of paper:
Name your holidays first threw last

4: Draw a ThanksGiving Picture on Paint Brus...

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Rachel's Blog: Turkey Eclair Cake!

November 24, 2010
Hi everybody! Your 1/2 of fave. MyKatieandRachel web star is here. Can you guess which one?
Ofcourse you can, If you an read! It sais that it is my blog right above:
(Well Turkey Day Is Tommorow, My mom is making a really cool, awesome, spectacular dish called Eclair Cake. It is one of our favorites to make! It is creamy vanilla sause with Gram Crackers and chocolate frost topping!!) I will share the recipe with you:
2 small packages instant french vanilla pudding
1 1/2 c. milk
8 oz Cool whip

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Rachel's Blog: Turkey-Surved

November 5, 2010
Hey everybody!
Halloween is over. How much Candy did you get? WELL....Halloween is over. So you don't have to beware of skeletons, and monsters, and ghosts, and goblins, and little gremlins brushing their teeth. You have to worry now about Turkeys, It is Thanksgiving coming up! I love ThanksGiving because I like food basically, I like Chicken Broccoli Casserole and CranBerry Sause!!! :) It's yummy (Big time). And so, ThanksGiving is awesome. Everybody has to know that. Did you we have a challe...

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