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Sadie's Blog: Happy Fourth Of July!

July 14, 2011
Hay everybody, Sadie here.
Well, this is my Fourth Of July blog, Enjoy!! So, I wanted to take this oppertunity to tell you about my Fourth Of July. It
would have been fun if a few of these things were done on Fourth Of July:
  • Don't have beaming fireworks going on (It is really erratating!)
  • Even if there were fireworks, I was in the house, and couldn't even see the fireworks! (If I could open the window, I would, but I don't quite know how to do the blinds yet!)
  • A bunch of dogs are barking, Well, I know I bark. But, when I bark I like to just here myself, and not a bunch of other dogs!
  • I had treats and food to occupy me when the fireworks were going on (I mean if the blinds won't obay me, and I can;t even see the fireworks, I should have atleast have some food to eat!
  • Fireworks go on too long

 Well, maybe next year the fireworks will be more my way, Why do they call them fireworks? There is not even fire, and how can fire work?
Well, Tell us how your Fourth Of July went! Just E-Mail us about it!
We will add our favorites!!!
Happy Fourth Of July,


Sadie's Blog: Leonardo Dicaprio Movies!

December 31, 2010
Hey people. I have got some news!! Rachel just wached The Man In The Iron Mask. Now, she is obseseed
with him and his long hair. I won't let her rent anymore Leo Movies. That's what i call them.
And then she watched...Catch Me If You Can! She can't stop watching those plus Titanic. I have a got a
treat for you: Want to see him with super long hair? Like in the Man With The  Iron Mask. Here it is:

Here is some more pics:

- Sadie

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Sadie's Blog: I Saw Rachel Kissing Santa Claus!

December 1, 2010
Hello everybody,
Sadie here!!!!! And guess what, I saw Rachel Kissing Santa Claus. First of all you have to know that Rachel walked Titanic. The WORST MISTAKE EVER! Titanic is Rachel's favorite movie in the universe, She wacheds it 4 times a day, and she is obsessed with Leonardo Dicpario, If you ever seen it it the best movie of all time. (Rachel just said that in my @) Leonardo Dicpario plays Jack, It's a love story. Well, she found out at the Mall. Leonardo Dicpario was going to be helping ...

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Sadie's Blog: Cranberry Recipe!

November 5, 2010
Hello people of the world,
Your favorite web-pup here. So here's the deel:
It's ThanksGiving and my favorite treat is Cranberry sause. I love me some Cranberry Sause:
(Just you know how I make my favoirte CranPuppy Sause, I include it)
P.S. - Share with your pets:
- 1 half pounds of dog food
- Cranberry Mix
- 2 Dog Treats
- 2 cartons of milk
- Strawberry Sause
There's the recipe!
Try it out!!!
- Sadie

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Sadie's Blog: Pumpkin Patch!

October 31, 2010
Sadie in.
Hey people, Do you like Pumpkin Patches? They are one of my favorite things to go threw on Halloween. In pumpkkin patches, I love to go threw Corn Mazes. But I admit I am kinda scared of them. Imagine this picture: Rachel, Katie, and I all in a Pumpkin Patch. And clumsy Rachel leading the way. Where would me and Katie be at the end of teh Corn Maze? Probaly trapepd in some corn. JK, Rachel's nto clumsy. We actually have a lot of fun. I just like to eat the corn along teh way, But who...

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Sadie's Blog: Pumpkin Patch!

October 30, 2010
Sadie here.
Hi people it's Sadie, and I am here with YOU. Happy. Right? Well, You should be. MyKatieandRachel has a COUNT DOWN until Halloween. I can't wait! I am going to be a Candy Corn Whitch for Halloween, I may. I hope that isn't itchy, Personally, I want to be a cucumber. I LOVE Pumpkin Patches!!!! Do you? Those big fields they grow Pumpkins on, You get to do Corn Mazes, and take Hay Rides. I wish I could go, But I am afraid of getting stuck in the corn maze. EWWWWWWW...Scary!? But would...

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Sadie's Blog: Game Show Pazaz

October 20, 2010
Hay people of the world! Your best bud doggie here, Sadie!
So today I was thinking of Game Shows, I don't know why. Since I wached Brain Surge I couldn't get the drain out of the brain (my mind). SO...To be creative and fun it inspired me to create a Game Show that everyone can do on MyKatieandRachel! The Game Show is called. "MyHallow's GAMED" Don't ask me, Jima made it up. BTW (He is my cousin, He is a shiba inu) I will send you a photo of Jima, the next blog I do. But this blog is about da ...

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Sadie's Blog: Welcome Blog!

October 14, 2010
Sadie Here.
I'm bloggin' NOW!
Today I was thinking of Candy Corn, I LOVE candy corn.
I havn't had it in a while. So I just thought the pic above would be a
way to get my mind of munch munch, But it makes me want it more.
Awww... :( But they do look YUM-alitous, But I am glad I am blogging
I have a lot of things to say:
Who hid my bone?
Oh...That's in the other room
Who ate my turkey?
Wait! That wasn't my turkey, That was Rachel's.
I wish I had some turkey.
I will bark at Rachel till she give me so...

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