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MyWinners Are..... (We Reveal The Winner For Jan.,Feb., and March's CONTEST! + We have a new comment!!!

March 25, 2010

Hey! It's I, Rachel, and your other fave. OFCOURSE, I be Katie! To rockin' pop stars! Well.... IN OUR WORLD!
Guess who? The winners were for the January, Febuary, and March 3-tie-month-contest! WERE:
(Hold You Hands Togather, And Pull Them Out For)
(Sure, WAS A TIE-FUL month!?)!!!
P.S. - We have NEW comments!? OH YA..... This awesome MyKatieandRachel fan be!
Here is her comment: (''Hi :)'')
Thanx a bunch Book Worm! We deeply love your awesome comments! Keep up the amazing comments! :)
Gotta Go! (Do some stuff on the webernet for your fave site of course.... MyKatieandRachel!!!)
Your faves.
= Rachel and Katie!!!!!


Why To Send Us Your Pics And Videos?

February 16, 2010
JFY (Just For You) Katie and I made a BIG list of reasons why to send us your pics and vids!!!!!!
HERE WE GO!!!!!!
(1.) If we like your video or photo enuff.... we may show it on MyKatieandRachel!!!!!
(2.) Your video or photo may be named the BEST video of the month!!!!
(3.) You (MyKatieandRachel fan) may be named best video fan of the month for sending us the most best, crazy or wild videos!!!!!
(4.) You Best video will be on the clip saying your user-name, and stuff about your video. If you send...

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                                                   Your Pics And Videos!!!!!!









 MyKatieAndRachel Photos +


Videos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Easter Egg! Code: E Hint: Dreamy Toon!



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Pics + Videos!!!!!!!



Send Us Your Pics And Videos!!!!

Hey there peeps of the world it be Katie + Rachel telling you to send US your photo and videos right here to MyKatieandRachel!!!!! We DEMAND it! (Just Kidding)! If you want to...... Send us YOUR stuff! We wanna see it, if we like you video or photo LOTS, we may show it on MyKatieandRachel, and name you best vid. sumbmiter of the month, pics awsell to! We want vids. crazy, cool, WEIRD, we want em' ALL!!!! (Got The Point....)! :)

MyKatieandRachel Photos!!!


(Just For You We Added Some MyKatieandRachel

CUTE and ADORIBLE baby manatee pics! It's not worth the wait!!!!


Ever thought you'de such an adorible baby manatee?  We gotta challenge JFY, Send in your own baby manatee pics, and videos. If we like it well enough we may show it on MyKatieandRachel!!!!


It's what we've all being wishing for! Tropicle Tie-Die Manatee!

This isn't the best hide-and-seek spot ever. Right? But it does work! ''Come and find me, Come and find me''! 2 seconds L8R someone did!


These manatee's are best buds! BFB's! They hang together 24/7! Arn't they a cute couple?

     Easter Egg! Code: A  Hint: Vote For Your Eggs Today! The Beach Water Park wants it!

This manatee is SAD! :( His girlfriend, Manty, just broke up with him!



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