Pets We Will Honor!

May 3, 2010

We want everybody to honor these pets: (Go to the Honor Corner, to see info and photos about these pets):
* Lassie
* Sidney
* Baby
* Plastic Drowner
* 3 Glo-Fish
* 3 Guppies
* Cave Boy
Those are the pets we HONOR!!! :)
(No photos posted for the fish---)
- Rachel and Katie!!!! :)


Lassie From The Breeders!

May 3, 2010
SO... Lassie, was bought 14 years ago, she was a sable, blond, sweet, cute puppy! We got Lassie from a personal breeder... When we got her we LOVED her SO much.... My mom, and dad! Took her home she was really shy, and timid! My sister, and I loved her SO much... She was fun, talented, smart, and Potty Trained in about 2 days! Then she GREW...and GREW... to 11, or 12 when she started developing problems, when she was 12, to 13, she started getting serious with her Fatty Pockets, and other pro...
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The Story Of DAISY! Not... Black Eyed Susan!

May 3, 2010
When Katie FIRST got her little labador pup... One of the the HARDEST choices! Was, What to call it? Typically called the NAME! So... Katie (And her dad...) Were deciding on a perfect name for their lab! And Katie's dad said some name options, and Katie said, ''What do you want to name it, Black Eyed Susan?'' Apperantly they didn't want to name it Black Eyed Susan... But, they named her Daisy! A cute, perky name (That is not creepy...) Now, Daisy is 5, blond, and she smiles at you!  It is TOT...
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How Was Jake Born? Find Out!

May 3, 2010
Jake's mommy was Baby! And when baby had baby's (WEIRD sentance, Huh?) She ran under the dresser.... We pulled the dresser out.... She ran under the bed...we pulled the bed out... Then she was ready to have her litter of cute, little felines! Jake was firsted! Strangley.... he was trapped in a LARGE bubble, so my dad had to take scissors and POP the bubble! Not a sentance ya here every day? Then came his sister, Tabbie (Tabitha, If you want to be formal!?) She was black + White (More black th...
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Lilly's Gone Coned! Here Her Story!

May 3, 2010

Jake's friend, Lilly is TOTALY been coned! Know what that means? She got spayed.... and she didn't where a cone... AT FIRST! Then she kept biting her wound, and it became all YUCKY, BLUCKY and infected! You may say... EW... Why'de ya tell us that? Our webby site is surprising we like to gross people out! But... Then came a fate worse than death: A cone for poor Lilly! :( Now, she walks 'round with a big cone on her head, today she got an O.K. from the doctor, and she dsn't have to where that ...

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All Of Katie's Pets! Pet yourself UP! With Cat Fish, Daisy, Plastic Drowner, Cave Boy, and More!?

April 22, 2010

Katie's pets are:
Katie has a labador dog (5) Named Daisy, she is sweet, cute, and awesome! She also has 2 frogs! :) One is a boy named Pat, and a girl named, Lilly! Get it? Lilly pad! But they are super fun to watch + she has the cutest two baby Hermit Crabs, Shy Guy, and Hermy! They are incredibley awesome. You know tthat feeling where just wanna cuddle with em'! O.M.G. They are totaly CUTE!! + She has a bunch of fish! Her first fish was a Goldfish from the Carnival, but he died. :( Then she...

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Rachel's Pets! Love Furry, Fluffy, Cute, Cudly Pets! Rachel's Gotta Alot Of Them!

April 17, 2010


Breed: Shetland Sheepdog (Sheltie)
Birthday: May 2nd, 1996
Personalitie: Sweet, gentle, timid, nice, kind, gorgous!
Current Age When alive/or dead: Died Febuary 17, 2010 (Wednesday). Died at age 13, upcoming 14
From Scale From 1-10 BEST DOG: 10!!!

Breed: Black Cat
Birthday: April 18th, 1996
Personalitie: Cute, Funny, Amazing, Pretty, Awesome, lovibal!
Current Age when alive/or dead: Died March 19, 1999 Curent Age: 3

Breed: Black & White Cat
Birthday: March ...

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Name:           Age (Pet)      Age (People)

Lassie               14             83

Kiki                  10             65

Sammy              15             87

Snowy                6             42

Jake                 5             40

Lilly                 2              24

Phoebe              2              24

Daisy               5               40

Sadie               3 Months       3




Pets We Will ALWAYS


* Lassie

* Sidney

* Baby

* Plastic Drowner

* Cave Boy

* 3 Guppies

* 3 Cat Fish

(No photos posted for the FISH!)



Please Honor Lassie!!!!


Please Honor Baby!!! 


(No Photo Posted).

- We all LOVE and honor






3 Glo-Fish

3 Guppies

 - Please  Honor ALL!

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Welcome to MyPet Page! MyKatieandRachel has always been about Rachel, and Katie! Now it is time to bring excitment... into this awesome webby site! A page dedicated to the PETS, and ONLY THE PETS!!!! :) Awesome! Right?



Photo me up with our fun, crazy photo gallery! Kiki loves to be digitley photo-graphed! Awww.... So, see our VERY kiki-style pics! 

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 ''This is me, and my friend, Lilly. I was sleeping, and she cuddled next to me!''

''I love the outdoors! I also like Lilly, and Cat Nip, and Buety Sleep, and being photo-Graphed!'' 

 In people years I am 65, in Cat Years I am 10, I feel young, and old at the same time. STRANGE!''

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